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In today’s fast-paced business landscape, keeping up with the latest technological advancements can be a daunting task for merchants. The constant need to integrate new innovations like loyalty programs and eCommerce platforms into existing business processes often leads to time-consuming and expensive implementation issues. That’s where the Pyxis Platform comes to the rescue.

Unlock the Power of an Online Presence with POINTY by Google: A Vital Step for Brick-and-Mortar Success

In today’s digital age, building an online presence for your brick-and-mortar locations is no longer optional – it’s essential. POINTY, brought to you by Google, is a game-changing tool that enables businesses to effortlessly showcase their in-store inventory online, making it discoverable to potential customers in their local area. It’s not just about creating a virtual storefront: it’s about ensuring your business remains competitive and visible in a highly interconnected world.

PYXIS serves as the seamless aggregator that provides access to this invaluable offering from Google. With PYXIS, you can effortlessly integrate POINTY into your business operations, unlocking the potential to reach a broader audience, boost foot traffic, and ultimately, drive growth for your brick-and-mortar locations. Don’t miss out on the transformative power of an online presence – let POINTY and PYXIS help your business thrive in the digital era.

Above store data in the palm of your hand with PYXIS Analytics

Real-time access to operational KPI’s available on your mobile device, so you can stay on top of what is happening at your stores. Not only can you react immediately to issues as they arise, but you can do it from anywhere— anytime! Pyxis I Analytics has an easy-to-use dashboard which features a snapshot of store performance.

Review sales essentials and standard KPIs

  • Quickly find stores and /or departments that are pulling or lifting sales.
  • POS agnostic: Capture data from multiple locations on multiple POS systems
  • Access sales performance and see into daily sales, hourly sales, customer traffic and more, with the ability to drill down for more details.

Revolutionize The Way You Scan Produce

Automating PLU codes into your store’s POS system can revolutionize the way you do business. With seamless scanning of produce codes, you can enjoy smoother transactions at both self-checkout and traditional grocery lanes, enhancing your customer and staff experience.

Transform produce shopping at your POS and self-checkout lanes:

  • Labor savings:Automated produce PLU maintenance process eliminates tedious manual data entry.
  • Accurate Pricing: Produce PLU barcodes help ensure accurate pricing at the checkout: reducing errors that could result in shoppers paying more or less than they should for their produce.
  • Reduced checkout time: Scanning PLU bar codes is quicker than entering codes manually, which can help reduce checkout time.
  • Improved customer and new cashier checkout experience.

Harness the Power and Insights from your eCommerce Platform

eCommerce continues to be essential for today’s retail sales strategy: consumers want a secure, user-friendly online shopping experience. Pyxis allows you to analyze online customer data, track sales and make more informed business decisions, and grow your bottom line.

Online insights driving business operations
Access online transactional data
All eCommerce transactional data is inserted into the flow of your point-of-sale system.
You now can see all your transaction details in one location in real-time
Accurate reporting data and syncing with eCommerce platform.
Manage data in one location.
Provide your loyalty program to your online consumers.
• Your online customer can now participate in your in-store loyalty program.
• Build customer retention, gain valuable insight into shopper behavior, and reward your loyal customers.
• Agnostic API • Pyxis will work with all leading eCommerce platforms.
• Alerts & notifications
• Receive alerts when an eCommerce order is ready for processing in POS.
• Receive pending transactions notifications, ensure orders are picked.

Unlock the Future of Point-of-Sale Technology with Pyxis: Your White Label Solution

Are you a Point of Sale (POS) company looking to provide your customers with cutting-edge technology that sets you apart from the competition? Look no further than Pyxis! Our innovative platform is the key to modernizing your offerings and delivering unparalleled value to your clients.

By integrating Pyxis into your suite of solutions, you’re equipping your customers with a game-changing advantage. Say goodbye to compatibility issues and cumbersome integrations – Pyxis simplifies it all. With real-time insights, seamless integrations, and centralized control, your customers will experience operational excellence like never before.

With Pyxis, you can white label our platform, seamlessly integrating it into your product portfolio. Imagine offering your customers the power of Pyxis under your brand name. They’ll gain access to a robust, cloud-based middleware solution that bridges the gap between the back office and the point of sale, simplifying integrations and supercharging their operations. Don’t miss out on this chance to elevate your business and provide your customers with the future of POS technology. Partner with Pyxis today and be the catalyst for your clients’ success!

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